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Nine is the first center providing education, support, informed choice, continuity of care and advocacy for mothers and babies in Oman.

What we do

Family Centred Care

At NINE, we aim to help couples gain confidence about becoming parents. Our center compliments the clinical services that couples receive in hospital during pregnancy.

We believe in a holistic approach that incorporates both body and mind. Effective preparation for childbirth improves birth outcomes and increases the satisfaction of the childbirth experience for women.

This is why we offer a full spectrum of services that have been designed to support, inform and educate.

Our childbirth education classes prepare couples for labor and caring for the newborn with up-to-date information and practical tips.

Our yoga classes prepare women for the physical challenges of birth with powerful breathing techniques to assist women in labor.

Our home visit service provides hands on support for common challenges faced with breastfeeding and care of the newborn.

Our clinic provides the services of top ObGyn and Family Physicians to care for you during pregnancy and beyond.

Our Nutritionist ensures that you keep yourself and your family in optimal health and offers workshops on weaning as well nutrition during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

From Conception to Childhood

All the staff at NINE are trained to support and educate couples during this special time.


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