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Home Visits

Our staff are experts on welcoming new babies home. They will visit you in your home to provide you the physical and emotional support you need. Our goal is to make parents comfortable and confident in their new role, empowering you to care for your new baby.

Most parents will require 1 or more home visits during the first weeks at home. This is a time of transition and uncertainty and can be challenging for new parents. We recommend our Post Natal Home Care Package for parents.

Physical comfort to the new mother:

  • Helps mother to care for her postpartum body
  • Encourages mom to eat properly and drink plenty of fluids
  • Supports her choice to breast or bottle feed & gives appropriate advice and assistance.

Emotional support for the new family:

  • Listens to the story of the birth
  • Validate the normal adjustment process
  • Supports mother through emotional vulnerablity
  • Supports father through transition to new role
  • Supports silblings in their new roles

Guidance in infant care:

  • Gives information on newborn care recommendations
  • Aids parents in developing their own styles of nurturing and bonding with the baby
  • Solutions to common breastfeeding challenges in the first weeks
  • Proper storage of breastmilk and formula
  • Pumping information and guidance

Post Natal Home Care Package

This package ensures that you get the help and support during the first weeks at home with your new baby. The package consists of 5 visits to your home.

VISIT #1 - in your home, anytime from 36 weeks, to help you pack your hospital bag and make sure that you have everything you need for your new baby.

VISIT #2 - in your home, the day after you are discharged from hospital to assist you to settle with your new baby and give you guidelines for the next 24 hours.

VISIT #3 - in your home, on day 4 or 5 to assess feeding and sleeping routines and assist with your babies bath.

VISIT #4 - in your home, on day 6 - 7 to weigh your baby, reassure you about feeding and give you helpful tips about sleep routines.

VISIT #5 - in your home, on day 7 - 10 to weigh your baby, reassure you about feeding and give you guidelines for the next weeks with your baby.

All visits are 1+ hour to ensure that you we have enough time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and give you appropriate advice & assistance.

Booking for this package is essential and we encourage you to book at 32+ weeks. We understand that most babies do not come on time or on an exact date. We will book your package for your expected due date (EDD), with the understanding that you will contact us as soon as you go into hospital to give birth, so that we can arrange our staff to visit you as soon as you are discharged.

Maternity Nurse

For many new parents, a Maternity Nurse is the shining light at the end of the tunnel!

Our Maternity Nurses are experienced with newborn and postpartum struggles. They will come into your home to provide you the physical and emotional support you need. Our aim is to create confidence with new parents and establish solid routine early on.

Whether baby is breast or bottle fed, a Maternity Nurse will advise and carry out all duties relating to the care of mother and baby during those first crucial weeks following the birth. Some parents may simply require the help of a Maternity Nurse to “take over” when they need a rest so it depends on the individual requirements of the family when it comes to the specific duties.

At NINE we offer the service of a Maternity Nurse for 12 hour periods (usually at night) and we recommend a minimum of 2 consecutive nights in order for them to help you establish an effective sleeping routine for your child. Working hours are 9pm - 7am.

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Initiating a schedule for sleeping, meals, nap and play-time
  • Feeding babies (if bottle fed)
  • Assistance and advice with pumping of breastmilk as needed. 
  • Assistance with burping
  • Changing diapers. 
  • Bathing babies
  • Keeping the nursery and playroom tidy
  • Running baby related errands as directed


What is the difference between Maternity Nurse and Home Visit?

A home visit is usually done during the day and is a visit of 1 - 2 hours to assist with specific issues, usually in the first weeks after birth. 

A Maternity Nurse works a minimum of 12 hours, usually at night and assists will all aspects of newborn care. Bookings are a minimum of 2 nights although you can book for a week at a time. 

We do offer 6 week live in placements of 24/6 care but please note that this needs to be booked 6 months in advance to secure a suitable candidate for you.

What is a Maternity Nurse?

A maternity nurse is a post-natal carer who comes to your home to help you by looking after you and your newborn baby. Their training covers all aspects of newborn baby care, including most common problems that can arise in the first 3 months.

How far in advance do I need to book a Maternity Nurse?

If you are considering a Maternity Nurses please let us know 3 - 6 months prior to your due date. This gives you plenty of opportunity to ensure availability of suitable nanny for you

Do I need to provide a room and meals for my Maternity Nurse?

This depends on the length of time of your booking. If you have a 24/6 booking for between 1- 6 weeks, then yes, you will need to provide a room and meals. If however, your booking is only for night services from 9pm - 7am then you do not need to provide a room. You should provide access to tea/coffee/water and light refreshments for your Maternity Nurse. Yes. However if you live within Muscat then the nanny will be able to go home during her break.

Other things to consider.

It is worth noting that a while a Maternity Nurse will carry out the standard “nursery duties” you cannot expect her to care for other children in the home. Her primary responsibility is in caring for the newborn, establishing healthy routines and ensuring that both mother and baby are taken care of in those early weeks following the birth. It is however, a good idea to introduce your other children to the Maternity Nurse as she will no doubt at some point, interact with them and she can also offer advice on how to deal with issues such as toddler jealousy after the arrival of the new baby.


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